Unions Need Good Governance

Claire Sullivan, Director Employment Relations and Union Services, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Photocredit: CSP.

Good governance is at the heart of all organisations and unions are no different.  It is, literally, the difference between success and failure. In the fifth and final Unions21bite-sized masterclass, Claire Sullivanfrom the Chartered Society of Physiotherapytalks about what her union has done to ensure its structures do not just reflect members’ priorities, but also empowers them. There is expert analysis from Becky Wright, SPERI’s Tom Hunt, and me.

We welcome the support of the University of Sheffield’s Political Economy Research Institute, known as SPERI, and Beyond Trafficking and Slavery on openDemocracy. (Beyond Trafficking and Slavery is non-profit project combining clear writing with rigourous scholarship to help everyone better understand exploitation in the world of work. Find out more at opendemocracy.net/beyondslavery.) Music courtesy of  Podsummit.com.   A Makes-you-Thinkproduction.

You can listen to the podcast on iTunesor the Unions21website.  You can also hear more from Claire and the work of the CSP in an earlier podcast, which you can access here.


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