Camber Sands Inquest Needs To Deliver

Coast and beach are parts of our identity. Risks are known. But at Camber Sands it was small worldliness that characterised a tragic event.

MacKenzie hijab row: Does Regulator’s Ruling Miss Wood for Trees?

To use one young Muslim woman as a battering ram for an argument that is as much about privatising Channel 4 as anything else is crass, unhelpful and should be actionable.

Points of View: Me and St George

(Lyme Regis 2016, credit: Richard Bridges)  This photo caught my eye. “So crowded” was my first thought. I looked again. Felt uneasy. Felt guilty. Felt confused. It’s not hard to work out why. This is reality not an air-brushed brochure. The beach isn’t pristine, the clothes are not haut-couture and the bodies aren’t air-brushed. But … Continue reading Points of View: Me and St George