Unions In The Hostile Environment – A Response

Co-inciding perfectly with the TUC’s 150th birthday celebrations, the latest stats on union membership arrive, and Becky, Jane Holgate and I lose no time in dissecting them on the latest unions 21 podcast.

What Does Eurovsion Teach us?

The new @unions21 podcast: Me and @beckyunions21 and talk the future of unions with @GavinJKelly1. It’s not for the faint-hearted. And we have an EXCLUSIVE with @angelaeagle, discussing her book The New Serfdom, co-authored with @Imi_Ahmed. Plus What Next after the TUC New Deal demo, and did SuRie do the right thing at Eurovision. A Makes-you-Think production


Is Union Recognition Key To Addressing Westminster “Sex-pest” Culture? 

(Photocredit: James Sloan/Getty) On Monday MPs gathered in the Commons chamber for a statement from the leader of the House, Andrea Leadsom. For the first time women outnumbered men. The subject?  Sexual harassment by MPs. Great that there was a statement. But a pretty weak response to what looks and smells like a scandal. Excellent … Continue reading Is Union Recognition Key To Addressing Westminster “Sex-pest” Culture?