Employee Assistance Programmes – vital HR tool or incitement to lazy management?

I was happy to have worked with John Crowley of PeopleHR on this useful piece examining the ups and downs of Employee Assistance Programmes. The question in the title of this post is mine, not his! https://www.peoplehr.com/blog/2019/09/25/is-an-employee-assistance-programme-worthwhile/ https://www.peoplehr.com/blog/2019/09/25/is-an-employee-assistance-programme-worthwhile/


Here’s the thing about Great Yarmouth……

My visit to the town last month with the Low Pay Commission showed a picture of two halves in more ways than one. Here's my post for the Commissions's website. https://minimumwage.blog.gov.uk/2019/07/23/great-yarmouth-a-town-of-two-halves/ Featured image credit: http://minimumwage.blog.gov.uk

In Hartlepool, there are problems the minimum wage can’t fix – Low Pay Commission

The Low Pay Commission (LPC) is an independent body that advises the government about the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage. Here's my latest post for them, following a recent visit. There are people in the town doing great things. One of them called this piece "really challenging." minimumwage.blog.gov.uk/2019/06/17/in-hartlepool-there-are-problems-the-minimum-wage-cant-fix/ Featured image credit: minimumwage.blog.gov.uk

Jess Phillips MP on Women and Work

We talk women an work, childcare (why describing it as low-skill is so wide of the mark) why it’s good to laugh (“gags are supposed to be funny, that’s the point”), and why we shouldn’t be grateful when we win.

New Podcast: Battling Low Pay In British Theatres Matters To All Of Us

Charlotte Bence (Equity) and Becky Wright (Unions21) recording our latest podcast In 1982, Colin Welland won the Oscar for best screenplay. The film, also winner of the Oscar for best picture, was Chariots of Fire. Welland accepted his award with the clarion call: “The British Are Coming!” Setting aside he historical contradiction – those words … Continue reading New Podcast: Battling Low Pay In British Theatres Matters To All Of Us